Teen-Aged Drivers Education

You can now receive in-car instruction with our cars and certified instructors.

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hpim0052.jpgWe are now pre-registering teen-age and adult students who would like to attend one of the 32 hour "Classroom Only" driver education courses listed below. The course consists of 16 classes that are each two hours in length.

Classes are offered in our classroom in Victoria , Texas.

Victoria Classes - Mrs. Tina Garner, our Texas Education Agency certified teacher and owner, will be the instructor. Mrs. Garner taught driver's education at Region III Education Service Center for many years. Her classes are very educational, fun, and highly interactive.

Victoria Educational Associates provides thirty-two hours of TEA approved, professional instruction to help teenagers or adults get their driver's license. We provide all books, practice tests, and instructional materials at no additional charge. We use an extensive library of videos, auto parts and other instructional media to help our students become safe, responsible drivers. Each student is given "hands on experience" putting air in tires and identifying basic engine parts. Each student checks oil and other fluids under the hood of a real car. They even get to drive petal cars wearing drunk glasses to see the effects of alcohol while driving.

When students have completed the 32 hours of classroom instruction provided by Victoria Educational Associates, they can take their state certificate (DE 964) to the local DPS office with the other required documents described below. The official DPS Road Rules and Road Signs test is given at Victoria Educational Associates. No additional written test is required at the DPS office. Our program provides personal, individual assistance to students and parents from the moment of registration to the final step in obtaining a driver's license. Free review classes are available to former students with special needs.

Most class days are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the regular school year. During the summer, classes meet four days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.  Students should plan carefully. Students who miss classes or arrive late must make up all time in order to receive the official, Texas DE 964 completion certificate. There may be additional charges to make up any missed class time. Class size is limited to the first 32 students who officially pre-register by phone(credit card), in person, or by U.S. Mail. We accept Master, Visa and American Express and Discover credit cards. Approximately half of the $199.00 fee, $99.00, is required for the pre-registration to be official and a seat reserved. Special payment plans can be arranged.

All classroom instructional materials are included in the course fee. Registration contracts, class calendar, and a receipt for $99.00 will be mailed to those who pre-register by phone or U.S. Mail. Be sure to indicate the date and time of the class if you are pre-registering by mail. Mail registration must be received before a class is filled. If a class is full, a full refund will be given or an option of registering in the next class is possible.The remaining $100.00 is collected during the last two weeks of class. A class must have a minimum of 10 students. If a class does not meet the minimum size requirement, a full refund will be given to those who have pre-registered.

Courses Now Available in Victoria

Registering Now

2017 Teen Classes

Summer 2017 Classes will be:

June 5 - 29

(Classes Meet Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Thurs.)





July 10 - Aug 2

(Classes Meet on Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Thurs.)





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Questions - email: drive@victoriaea.com

Tina Classroom

Mrs. Tina Garner Teaching


Mail and Questions Should Be Addressed To :

Mrs. Tina Garner

Victoria Educational Associates

2701 North Azalea, #15

Victoria, Texas 77901


Important General Information - Obtaining a Texas Driver's License

State law requires students under 18 years of age to complete 32 hours of classroom instruction and 44 hours of In-Car instruction.

All classroom instructional materials are provided by Victoria Educational Associates as part of the course fee.

Students who are not driving with VEA, will need to register with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation by ordering the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet as soon as possible. The fee to register and order the packet is $20.00. You can order a packet from from the web site at http://www.tdlr.texas.gov.  Additionally, we have the form in our office.

After you order the packet, an In-Car curriculum needs to be purchased.

Victoria Educational Associates will provide a free orientation session to help parents understand what needs to be done to complete the 44 hours of in-car instruction.Victoria Educational Associates only employs experienced instructors who are certified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). We are totally devoted to providing our students with the very best instructional services possible. Safety, good defensive driving strategies, courtesy and respect for other drivers will be strongly emphasized in our instructional program.

Questions - email: drive@victoriaea.com

Students and parents should start a folder with the documents the DPS office will require. Call their office if you have questions about required documents. The documents listed below should not be taken to Victoria Educational Associates. They are only needed at the local DPS office.

These include:

Completed DPS drivers license application (Must be notarized at a bank or at VEA or at the DPS Office)

Verification of School Enrollment Form (VOE).

Social Security Card

Original birth certificate or certified copy

Driver Education Form DE-964 (provided by Victoria Educational Associates)

Students must pass a DPS eye exam

State law requires a new driver under 18 years of age to drive with an instructional permit for six months from the date of issue. The holder of an instructional permit must have a 21 year or older licensed driver with them in the front seat at all times. When a new driver reaches age 16, has completed 44 hours of in-car instruction with a parent or legal guardian and has held the instructional permit 6 months, he/she may then go to the DPS office with proof of having completing an approved in-car driver education program. An in-car driving test with an officer in the car will be given on a first come- first served basis.

The regular provisional license also has some restrictions untill the eighteenth birthday after issue. New laws recently enacted by the Texas Legislature require new provisional license holders to have no more than one person in the car who is under 21, unless the other persons are immediate family members ( brothers, sisters ). Additionally, new provisional license holders must not be out between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 A.M.( with a few exceptions ). Additionally, use of electronic devices is prohibited.