Adult Drivers Education

Adult Driver’s Education (Driver's License Class) for 18-24 year olds)

This course is required for anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 years of age who has never had a driver’s license. It is not needed or good for renewals, suspensions, revocations or traffic ticket dismissal.

It is a great course for a person of any age who is having trouble passing the written test at the DPS office.

We can provide private tutoring by appointment to anyone needing one-to-one instruction in either English or Spanish.  We will use our 30+ years of teaching experience to provide you with the best classroom instruction available.


This highly interactive, professionally taught, six hour course meets all Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of Public Safety requirements.  All instructors are certified by the Texas Education Agency.

Classes are offered every Saturday and the first and third Tuesday and Thursday of every month.

Choose one of the two listed below.

Our Night Class-is a two part class offered on the first and third Tuesday and Thursday evenings each month

from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. YOU MUST START ON TUESDAY EVENING.

2017 Schedule Every Saturday or

the following (Tues/Thurs)

January    3 & 5 January       17 & 19
February  7 & 9 February     21 & 23
March      7 & 9 March         21 & 23
April          4 & 6 April           18 & 20
May          2 & 4 May           16 & 18
June         6 & 8 June          20 & 22
July           none July           18 & 20
August       1 & 3 August       15 & 17
September 5 & 7 September 19 & 21
October      3 & 5 October     17 & 19
November  7& 9 November  none
December  5 & 7 December 19 & 21

Our One Day class meets every Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm.  Students may walk in about 5 minutes before either of these classes begin.  Walk-ins are always welcome and pre-registration is not necessary. Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

The fee is $75.00.  It can be paid by check, cash or credit card when you arrive to begin the class.  A payment plan is available. Private tutoring is available for $25.00 per hour and is done by appointment only. No certificate can be awarded with private tutoring.

The official certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each class for those earning a score of 70 or higher on the DPS rules and signs test.  Students can immediately take their certificate to the DPS office and continue the process of getting their first driver's license. A blank driver's license application is given to each student at the end of class. The only remaining test is the in-the-car driving test with a police officer.

The DPS office will require personal documents such as birth certificate, social security card and one other type of identification(Texas ID card, school transcript, GED or high school diploma, voter registration card or personal insurance policy).  A completed driver's license application neatly printed in black ink will speed up processing time in the DPS office. It can be notarized at the Driver's License Office. You will also be given an eye exam.  Additionally, each person's driving history and court records will be checked to make sure all past tickets from the courts have been paid and cleared.

For additional information please call: 361-573-2317 ( 24 hours )