In-Car Instruction

In-Car Instruction

Adult Driver Education

We offer driving for adults 18 years and older. You can call us to set up a drive time by the hour with our instructors. We will drive you for as many hours as you feel you need to become confident to pass the DPS driving test. Our instruction will include how to drive and what to expect on the DPS driving test. We will take you through the test course so you will feel confident and know what to expect when you take your actual driving test.

If you are 18 to 24 years old, you will need to take our adult driver education course to get your driving permit. If you are over 24 years of age and feel you may have trouble passing the written test, our adult course will help you be successful on it. Before you can sign up for drive times, you must have your driving permit from the DPS office. Call us more information.

Teenage Driving (15-17 years old)

In-Car Driving with VEA (Option 1)

We now offer two options for completing the in-car driving hours.  A description of both options is provided below. However, further information is given in the classroom, during parent orientation and/or by calling our office.

This option is the most convenient for the parent and highly educational for the student.

Students can drive with our experienced, certified In-car instructors.  This requires an additional fee, however VEA provides all paperwork the student will need and parents do not have to (pre)order anything. The student will receive 14 hours of instruction and a certificate upon completion. This course will provide experience needed to successfully complete the DPS Driving Test and provides the student with a thorough foundation to become an experienced, safe, and confident driver.

Online scheduling is offered through which allows you to drive at your convenience.

Parent Taught (Option 2)

Parents MUST order two separate packets.

Packet one is the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet ($20) from TDLR.

Students who are not driving with VEA, will need to register with the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) by ordering the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet as soon as possible. The fee to register and order the packet is $20.00. You can come to our office in person or get a copy of the order form from the TDLR web site at Additionally, we have the form in our office.

Packet two is the 44 hour In-car driving Curriculum that can be downloaded online.  Instructions for obtaining packet two is listed below:

The course below is one of the IN-CAR ONLY courses currently available that is TDLR approved.

You MUST ORDER an in-course to complete IN-CAR (Behind-the-Wheel) Instruction.


The course we recommend is below:

Course 101-Parent Taught Driver Education Region 13 ESC  (In-Car only) $30 512-505-0500

To get the lowest cost packet (Course 101) to complete the 44 hour Parent Taught In-Car Instruction, follow the directions below:

1. Go to the website:

2. When it opens click on:

In-Car Parent Taught 101 Driver Training and Education

3. When that  opens, click on:

Course 101 In-Car Instruction Only Download

Follow the on screen instructions. The cost of the packet is $30 + $2.48= $32.48.  Be sure to print the Completion Certificate for Driver License. You will need to present this certificate to the DPS office or VEA when applying for a Provisional Driver License.